Nick and Signe Adams

just a quick little thing. My friends Nick and Signe are featured in Elan Magazine the latest issue and so I wanted to link you up to their blog because I sing their praises constantly and wouldn't want to miss another opportunity to show you the best of the best. Plus, they look smokin' hot! Congratulations guys!!


Amy M said...

wow he is amazing. i wish i had the money to spend on some photography right now so he could make me look that good! his pictures are incredible! do you have any new ones of you???

Sarah said...

I love checking out his pics! Maybe we could get him to do our baby pics?? hmmm!

nadams said...

Hi Jenna,

A little birdie told me about your super-nice post about us--thanks! We miss you, hope you'll stop by again when you're down here.


ps - love the Korea pics, especially the motorcycle ride.